The only constant thing in life is change. Life changes with growth, age, and challenges. For every step of the way, yoga is there to guide you and meet you where you need it. I have been a gymnast, collegiate athlete, practitioner of yoga, and weaved in and out of pregnancy and postpartum three times in five years. I’m here to help guide you to whatever it is you’re needing at the current phase in your life. 


 Specialties Include: 

Vinyasa yoga

Yoga for athletes

Children's + Teen yoga

Yoga for beginners

Pre / post natal yoga



sound will be the medicine of the future. -Edgar Cayce


After my hosting my first yoga retreat, I experienced a south bath guided by three men and women of Mayan descent. The sound incorpated song, instruments, and meditation. The session was an hour long, and a true "out of body" experience. I've always had trouble meditating, and this was the first time my mind slipped right away. The energy of the sound bath was received by all participants and was a major highlight of the retreat. I knew this would be the next modality I would add to my yoga training and holistic offerings. ​

Three years later, I completed my Level 2 Holographic Sound Healing certification with Dr. Paul Hubbert.

Sound Healing combines instruments (ex: bowls and drums), and meditation to put the mind and body in full alignment to ultimately reach a vibrational harmony.

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My mindfulness work is a combination of meditation, and breathwork. In these one - on - one or group settings we will focus on different techniques of mindfulness that incorporate breathwork sessions to help heal your mental and physical body.


Two breaths are guaranteed: your first and your last. Every breath in-between is a gift.

*Bookings will begine July - August of 2021