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Love yourself enough to do this.

Yoga: The only constant thing in life is change. Life changes with growth, age, and experiences. For every step of the way, yoga is there to meet you where you need it. Courtney has been a gymnast, collegiate runner, practitioner of yoga, and weaved in and out of pregnancy + postpartum three times in five years. Courtney can help guide you to whatever it is you need at the current phase in your life. Yoga is for everybody and every body.


Pilates: Mat Pilates is the perfect counterpart to a yoga practice. It continues to build mind + body awareness while strengthening the core without increasing the heart rate. Intentional movements help prevent injury, and increase strength without taking away from your yoga practice like many other forms of exercise.

Sound Healing: In 2021, Courtney completed the Level 2 Holographic Sound Healing certification with Dr. Paul Hubbert. Sound healing sessions are performed with crystal bowls and a steel tongue drum. This vibrational form of meditation helps reduce stress, ease anxiety, align the chakras, and tap into the creative subconscious mind. 

Breathwork: Breathwork refers to different types of breathing exercises and manipulation of the breath. Breathwork therapy improves mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Courtney completed her training under David Elliott & Danielle Herring in the Winter / Spring of 2022.​


I'm not flexible, Can I do yoga?

Yes, yes, yes. Yoga is for everybody. No one wakes up one day as a marathon runner. It takes time, patience, a good teacher, and being kind to your yourself when you begin.

How often should I practice?

3-6x per week. If you want to truly increase your yoga practice, become stronger, and more flexible, a minimum of 60 min practice 3x per week is recommended. 

Can I try one of your classes?

Every studio offers complimentary guest pass for first time students.

Where are private sessions held?

Typically private clients have a home or community space to work in. Remember, yoga is a personal practice that can require a lot of discipline and inner work.

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